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Wednesday, February 15

Grow With Me sessions in Rochester, NY Penfield | Rochester, NY Photographer and Buffalo, NY Photography | Rochester, NY Studio Children Portraits Photography

These 2 are so adorable, unbelievably CUUUTE! I love capturing sibling love! I KNOW moms and dad's LOVE those! I love my job, I love doing what I do photographing such cuteness  because lets face it, they grow up way to fast before you know it, they are not little anymore!

Lots of times I wish I can just turn the clock backwards or even just sloooow time down but I can't. It's probably why I fight to go to sleep earlier, life is good and I want to enjoy every minute as much a I can.

Can't you see these adorable images of your children hung on your walls? Or showing on Facebook to all your family & friends? If you have been wanting and meaning to get pictures now is the time! I feel extremely lucky to be blessed with this photography talent. I have so much passion and experience if feels incredible to extend it to you! Don't le time slip away so fast you wish you had gotten professional photographs sooner, every day counts!!

That hair and face, adorable!
Sweetest smiles!

Those faces, ahhhhhh LOVE!!

Looking forward to my next sessions, drop me a line if you have any questions or would like to book your session that is right for you! Contact Anastasia's Photography by Stacy (me) at or click here! I am located in Penfield, NY (Rochester, NY). Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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