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Thursday, April 11

Bob & Michelle's beautiful wedding rings | Rochester NY Professional Wedding Photographer

Oh how I just ADORE weddings. I LOVE photographing weddings! I can't wait to photograph more weddings this season! Weddings are beautiful, it's the time when family, friends and loved ones get together to share their love and support for the the wedding couple. Its the time when a wedding couple gets to express themselves with creative d├ęcor and colors galore. Sure every wedding has many elements that are the same but no 2 weddings are the alike and that's where I come in with my photographic great passion and many years of experience to capture the couples uniquesness from their gorgeous creative special touches down to their personalities. I love being that wonderful photographer to enhance their wedding experience! I LOVE when they get their final images and are in awe and delight with the capture of their day by Anastasia's Photography! It's like magic!

If you are a bride/groom or know someone who is getting married please contact me  Anastasia's Photography by Stacy (me) at or click here for a complimentary consultation. I only except a limited amount of weddings per year and would love to photograph yours!  I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what beautiful wedding and engagement pictures we come up with for you and your family to treasure for many years! With that said here is a delightful image of one my brides beautiful wedding rings!

I LOVE this capture of the wedding couples wedding rings, it's what reminds me why I LOVE photographing weddings so much! My wedding couples' creativeness/ uniqueness, my passion/experience, determination, delightful excitement in my photographic photo artwork. Love when the Magic happens!


Roxana said...

This really is a beautiful image! Just found you on Facebook too! :)

Anastasia's Photography said...

Thanks! I thought that might have been you, thank you!!! :)

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