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Saturday, January 22

Sweet family | Utica Family Studio Photographer

A very sweet loving family! Their precious 11 week old bundle of joy was so sweet to catpure! She was soooo good for us all the way through! She has the sweetest little red birthmark on her elbow. Such a beautiful red color! Congratualtions Tavia and Ben!!! Thank you!
An adorable little 11 week old baby girl


Renee said...

OMG! I love these! What a great family shoot. Those little striped leggings are the best!!! But I also love the hat and diaper cover. :)

Rose said...

Sweeet! They are so beautiful, the leggings are truly amazing! Made me giggle! :)

Anastasia's Photography said...

Thanks ladies! She's so adorable and was so good too!

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