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Tuesday, November 23

My darling girls | Utica Children Photographer

In the midst of this holiday season my 2 sweet girls wanted their picture taken with such bright smiles they asked me to take pictures of them! How can I turn down a request like that?!? So love this picture of my girls! They even dressed like twins by themselves! Too cute! Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
My sweet girls!


Rose said...

What an adorable couple of..."twin" sisters! :) Love their matching dresses and smiles. Adorable!

Haddock said...

That is a lovely photograph (with perfect lighting)
The smiles add up to the effect.

Renee said...

The girls are so big! And those sweet little dresses, where did you find those? Absolutely adorable. They look homemade--are they? Lovely!

Anastasia's Photography said...

Thanks everyone! :) I know, I just adore those dresses too! We got it a while back (not handmade though they look like they are). Happy Holidays!

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