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Friday, January 22

New Annual Vote for your favorite Photo of the year 2009 | Utica Photographer

Happy New Years!!! Hope everyone's New Year is going well!

When I think of January, I think about the start of a brand new year and spring being just around the corner, only a couple months away (my favorite time of year)!!! For fun, I thought I would start a new Annual "Vote for your Favorite photo of the year".

2009 was a great year! I had a great time photographing my family, friends and clients! Thanks for making it a great year!

Here are a few of my favorites, which one is yours?...

1. A moment in time
A moment in time {EXPLORED!!! :)}
2. Blue eyes

3. Joy
Joy {Explored!!! TY!}
Little Sweets
5. Little Sweetheart

6. Reunion gathering





11. Soft simple moment
Soft simple moment
12. Beautiful Elena

13. Summer fun
Summer fun


Winning picture will be announced February 12th :)

Thank you for voting! It's an even tie between #1, #3 and #4!


Anonymous said...

Oh such beautiful retrospective! :) It's been very hard to chose one, but no.3 is stunning. I see it hanging on my wall on a huge canvas. Just makes me feel good about life!

Yuriy said...

beautiful photography!!

Haddock said...

The smile and the expressions says it all.

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